SDG Training for Multipliers

Am 9. September 2019 findet erstmalig ein SDG-Multiplikatoren-Training von GAIA EDUCATION in Wien statt.

Alle SDG-affinen Personen aufgepasst! Das klingt spannend...


The SDG Training of Multipliers answers the global challenge of how to implement the Agenda 2030 at the local and regional scale. The training was designed to build the capacity of facilitators to hold the vitally important conversations on how to implement the 17 SDGs and their 169 targets at the local and regional scale, in ways that are carefully adapted to the biocultural uniqueness of each location. This programme supports the capacity development of key players from all sectors to work towards a more just and sustainable world for all. This question-centered training is designed to engage local communities in a process that will turn what might be perceived as top-down goals of the United Nations into meaningful projects that are locally relevant and collaboratively implemented by the communities themselves. Participants will seek to co-create solutions for local SDG implementation as well as fostering multiplier conversations around the goals.